Bio in Brief

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, there wasn’t a whole lot of much to do once I’d outgrown childhood’s mandatory join-a-sport, sort-of-practice-an-instrument phase, so it’s probably not much of a surprise I fell so deeply in love with games and film.

I knew from a fairly early age that making video games was the dream I had to chase. At the beginning of the journey, my initial assumption was that concept art was my best bet, and slowly honed my doodling into a serious study of traditional art media. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be introduced to and learn 3D modeling and excitedly switched my focus to CG and animation. By the time I hit college, though, I had also been privileged enough to take several courses in programming and was quickly seduced by its power. But even as my horizons broadened and my tool-belt grew in size and disproportionally in software price, I remained an artist at heart. In my ongoing art education, my exposure to art history began to radically reshape the way I looked at and approached games.

I realized just how little we’ve probed games as a medium, how much breadth and depth of curation we simply didn’t have. Which finally brought me here. My goal with this site is not just to continue my pursuit of game development, but to also, in the loftiest sense, further the development of games. Now, we’ll see if we get anywhere with that, but that’ll be what I’m trying to push myself towards.


I am a digital artist and video game enthusiast deeply interested in the exploration of video games as an art medium, and that’s what we’re gonna try to do here.