Death to Box Selection

Lab Notes

Ok good so now that you’ve hopefully been click-baited into here by the title, let’s answer some questions right up front. What is box selection and why does Ulf think it’s time to put it down? What would take its place?

Well, first off, when we’re talking about box selection from here on in, what I’m referring to specifically is the de facto method for selecting multiple units in PC real time strategy games. To wit: left-clicking and dragging to define the opposingĀ corners of a rectangle, then, upon releasing the left-mouse button, finding and selecting any units within the projected area of said rectangle.

“I know what box selection is you dingus” you are saying, “because I am reading this on my computer and I can tab over to my desktop and do it right now.” You are right! (unless you are reading this on mobile, in which case you are lying) (more…)