In the distant Space Future, in the relatively-speakin’ not-that-distant local solar system, the sin’le most exhilaratin’, popular, and profitable spectator sport is fou’ht in the vacuum of space! Pilotin’ ships known as ‘Ladiators, skilled combatants duke it out in arenas with no up or down! No air resistance! No turnin’ radii! ABSOLUTELY ZERO ‘G’S!

Zero G Ladiators is an arena combat dogfighter built on the idea of ‘proper’ space-flight in true free-fall ‘weightless’ physics. The game is being designed around two central pillars:

  • Customizable ships built out of modular parts
  • Physics-driven movement determined by the customized ships actual thruster placement

I put this project on hold once Unity began its refactoring of their netcode base, but am hoping to return to it once the new API’s have been moved into stable builds.

While we all wait, you can still test the working proof-of-concept build, here!


  • Movin’ Free in Zero G

Changelog – v0.1 – Proof-of-concept Test

  • Public release